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67 Astor Terrace , Spring Hill, Queensland 4000
About this parking space
• Centrally located, 8 minute stroll to Queen Street in Brisbane City the carpark is a good alternative to paying as much as $89.00 per day casual parking rates in the city central.
• A multi-story carpark, ATCP is Fully Automated, has Two Pay Stations and Multiple Pedestrian Exits (maximum of 1.9m Clearance Height).
• The three car bays are adjacent and are under cover, on the second floor.
• Each bay is clearly marked “No Parking” to deter casual parkers and it works. The guest parker must not park in any other bay. If they do they pay full casual rates and will be locked in until they pay the corporate. This is both onerous and effective.
• Security &Surveillance Cameras operate continuously (24 hours/7 days) and are installed on all levels throughout the premises.
• There are also vandal-proof DKS key pedestrian entrances for card holders (24 hours/7 days) providing patrons with peace of mind.
• There is 24 Hour continual Surveillance, card Entry after Hours, locked after 7pm for casual visitors but a card holder has 24/7 access.
• ATCP is one of the best kept car parks in the owner’s experience, and the safety procedures and monitoring remains vigilant and effective. The current owner has never experienced any safety issues and has had guest parkers (tenants) for over 90% of the time.
These car bays represent an unusual investment as there are very few car bays in Australia that come up for sale, and it is probable that no more strata title car bays will be made available in Australia ever and will only be available as part of a tenancy lease.

The price is $48,000.00 for each bay plus GST where applicable.
Access Description
Conveniently located within the heart of Spring Hill the car park consists of car spaces with all bays being under cover. The vehicle entrance to the car park is via Portman Lane. There is also pedestrian access via Astor Terrace and Portman Lane.

The Astor Terrace Car Park is security conscious with cameras located throughout the car park and has 24 hour DKS key access with roller doors also in use after hours. Ground level is security meshed for added safety for monthly and overnight parking patrons.
Sale Price


Recent enquiries for this parking spot
Hello, Can you provide net rental income and all outgoing costs eg rates, maintenance , management etc . Thanks
Answered on 27 Nov 2017
Yes I can, and have a PDF that I can send to you. Can you give me an email address? David Christie

Hi, would you please send me all the details of how much will cost to run the car park maintenance and please provide net rental income and all outgoing fee thank. and how many do you have for sell?
Answered on 02 Dec 2017
Yes, I will-do email me at and I'll send the detail. I have three for sale. David Christie

Hi there, exactly the same questions here.... How much rental income would be expected from this? How much would other outgoing costs come to (rates, maintenance , management etc .) Thanks, Claire
Answered on 04 Dec 2017
Claire, email me at and I'll email you back some details. David Christie :)

To whom it may concern i am interested in this parking space I would just like to find out some more details like can this space be rented out to the public, rental return and on going fees and how many spaces do you have available I can be contacted on 0419109843
Answered on 31 Dec 2017
Certainly-please email David Christie and I will send you the information kit. Cheers and Happy New Year!

I would like to find out some more details about this carpark
Answered on 29 Jan 2018
Thank you for your enquiry-just email me here - and I will send you further detail. Sincerely David Christie

Hi, I was just wondering if you would be able to disclose the net rental income of an individual car park that you are selling?
Answered on 09 Feb 2018
Yes, I have a fact sheet for you; please email and I'll pop it through! Cheers David Christie

Could you provide income report and coatings thanks Judy
Answered on 21 Feb 2018
Judy good morning. Yes, I'd be happy to, please email me and I will respond with a fact sheet. Best regards

Hi, if this is still for sale can you please send some details of rent and out goings please, thank you
Answered on 25 Feb 2018
Yes, just email me and I'll pop it through. Still three bays available. David Christie

Very interested! Can I please have info inregards to other costs, e.g rent, maintenance and so on.
Answered on 18 Jun 2018
Yes you can! Please email me at and I will ensure you have all the detail ASAP! :) Sincerely David Christie

Hi, Just hoping that you could send me a summary of expenses etc.. p.a. for the parking bay please. That would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
Answered on 17 Sep 2018
Thank you for your enquiry. I have a fact sheet I can send you. Please email me and I will send it through! Cheers David Christie

Could you pls tell me what number the car park is ie 3-39
Answered on 28 Aug 2018
Sure, the car bays I have for sale are 73, 74 and 75. For further information please email me Cheers

Hi can I get more information regarding the car parks for sale maintenance etc please
Answered on 31 Aug 2018
Just email me and I'll pop through the information!

Interested in this space. Can you pls advise if it’s still on the market and what the associated costs are . Thx David
Answered on 10 Sep 2018
David hi-please email me and I'll send the details. Cheers David Christie

Would like indication of rental returns for investment and outgoing costs
Answered on 17 Sep 2018
Thank you for your enquiry. I have a fact sheet I can send you. Please email me and I will send it through! Cheers David Christie

Please call me to discuss questions I have regarding the purchase of one or more of the listed car parks for sale. 0411 80 065 after 9.00am. Thankyou Mark
Answered on 16 Sep 2018
Mark, I'd be happy to but if you email me I have a PDF with relevant info? By the way I have an offer and acceptance on one of the three bays but two are still available today. Cheers David Christie

Would u please send me cost and profit list....
Answered on 09 Feb 2019
Apologies if I have missed your enquiry; do email me for a fact sheet if you are still interested? David Christie

Hi just checking if the car Parks are still available and If you provide net rental income and all outgoing costs eg rates, maintenance , management etc . Thanks
Answered on 09 Feb 2019
Yes I have two of the three available having sold one before Christmas. Email me for some more detail; a fact sheet. David Christie

Body Corp Fees? Rates? Also what rent amount has been achieved weekly? Thank you
Answered on 03 Apr 2019
Hello, thanks for your enquiry. Just email me for the information sheet. :) David Christie

HI There, could you please tell me the outgoings required to be paid on this car space or the other 2 listed if i wanted to buy this space and use it myself.
Answered on 04 Jun 2019
Certainly. Email me and I'll send you a fact sheet. Sincerely David Christie